Archives: Early Programs and Websites

qbasic games (circa 2006)

My first programs and games were written in Microsoft’s QBasic. I wrote many small programs, and several that I don’t actually trust to not destroy files any more. Below are a small selection.

websites (2006-2010)

In 2006 I was given my own website on our basement file server, so I promptly learned HTML and proceded to make websites for myself and my friends. They have been mostly ressurected in-place with minimal fixes.

NOTE: Some of these websites have links to download old programs of mine. I don’t recommend running them yourself unless you run them in some sort of sandbox, since I can’t vouch for – or remember – their behavior any more.

One of my first websites. Also includes downloads of some of my old programs.

My website was made using Microsoft Publisher 2000 here. “unspeakable” was the name of a band some of my friends had when they were 11/12, and “Smiley1175” was another of my friends.

Here I tried using Microsoft Expression Studio to make a website.

Fancy home page that links to unspeakable’s second site.

This is my first blog! I made a program called FSBlog that generated a static website for a blog. I beat Jekyll by about a year!

My last home page on record.

Google Site
Eventually, I stopped making sites myself and I moved to Google Pages (later Google Sites). The original Google Pages sites are lost, but this is an archived copy of my site and its main contents in 2015.