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At the end of June, my girlfriend Miranda and I moved to Seattle. This move was the end result of months of dreaming and at least a week of actual planning.

What a summer!

I graduated the University of Minnesota-Duluth in May. Here’s a picture for proof:

I could write a lot of misty-eyed rhetoric about my college experience, the late nights, joy and fast-paced fury of my senior year, and a holier-than-thou post with advice to those incoming freshmen so like myself, but I won’t. TL;DR, I would change some stuff but mostly I’d do it the same given the chance.

Then, I went to Madrid with my girlfriend-and-longtime-adventure-partner Miranda. I made a video about it, although my video skills are not what they once were:

Shortly afterwards, we moved to Seattle. Truthfully, we’d been planning this for a long time since I always knew I wanted to move away and Miranda wanted to as well. Unfortunately, neither of us had jobs (though not for lack of months of trying!) so our plan was roughly:

  1. Get apartment (we used craigslist, to mixed success)
  2. Drive there (this went very well, we used Expedia to book hotels each day we were on the road and saved some money in the process)
  3. ???
  4. Profit!

Suffice it to say, we arrived in Seattle in one piece, and have had many adventures since. I’ve found that I’ve also had a lot of downtime, what with not having to go to school or work (hashtag #funemployment) which I’ve used to catch up on TV and personal projects. Namely, I’ve made some pretty cool changes to familiar and what I’m now calling CourseMan, my in-progress web app solution for study abroad offices.

And, of course, I’ve slowly been hacking away at this blog. Between this and my throwback archive, pretty much everything important I’ve ever put online is up here. Sometimes it’s fun to look back – although it can be embarrassing too…

Hopefully I will write again soon with more of an update of what’s happening, because I promise that if I haven’t already told you about it, it will be a shocker!

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